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We are trading/brokering company that supply marine fuels around the world. We provide both bunkering and debukering.

The three core grades of bunkers - Marine Gas Oil (DMA), Marine Fuel Oil 180CST (RME) and Marine Fuel Oil 380CST (RMG)



At Anchor Fuel, we aim to provide optimal services for bunkering in fleet management based on prices. We want our clients to buy bunkers from the most reliable and trustworthy suppliers at the best possible time. When you work with us, your fleets bunker supply will be delivered in a timely and professional manner. We believe that every client of ours deserves outstanding services each time, and our aim is to provide them with the same.


Our services are available across the globe and our vision is to work with our clients 24/7 to give our clients optimal services at the best price without compromising on quality and to assist our clients getting their bunkers need at the best and safest location. Quality of bunkers and smooth delivery is our top and main priority. We plan on continuing with providing assurance to our clients and improving upon our service in every way possible. Our clients deserve the best and nothing else.


Anchor Fuel Bunkering Pte. Ltd. is a trading/brokering company focused on supplying marine fuels around the world.
Anchor Fuel provide their client with bunker service 24/7 around the world and we also provide below services:-
-bunker fleet management
-term contracts
-bunker location planning
Anchor Fuel Bunkering Pte. Ltd. work closely with our clients to ensure smooth supply at all times.


We only work with reputable suppliers around the world. Which means, you will get the best quality and timely supplies, always. We provide both bunkering and debunkering services for three core grades of bunkers:
Marine Gas Oil (DMA)
Marine Fuel Oil 180CST (RME)
Marine Fuel Oil 380CST (RMG)


Our Achievements

Anchor Fuel Bunkering Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore based company that supply and trade bunker fuels. We supply bunkers fuels around the world. We pride ourselves on providing the best advice when it comes to investing in bunkers based on their prices and demand in the economy. Our clients can rest assured that we follow the best practices for bunker management for fleets of vessels around the world. We believe in providing the best rates for our clients to invest in new bunkers and managing their fleets. We only work with trusted suppliers so your shipments are always safe.

Our team at AnchorFuel believes in providing the best customer service to our clients which is why you can reach us any time - we are available 24/7. Our consultation services are top notch so you always have the best options available at hand across the globe. We can provide you with our fleet management, bunkering, and debunkering services around the world, across all time zones. Our advisory board recommends the purchasing of bunker term contracts when they are priced their lowest so you can maximize on your profits with every shipment.

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